Sun 21 April 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Favela - Abarbanel 56, Tel Aviv,

Beyond the Walls is happy to invite you to our first exhibition event


Dan Groover arts // The Missk // SPINE // Monkey Rmg // Anna Kogan // Shir Lamdan // Judith Yanos // Jo Perez // Daniel Siboni

DJ Lineup//

21/04 – DJ Tony // Hip Hop
22/04 – DJ Mika // Funk Soul Disco. 23/04 – DJ Anne Joy // Hip Hop & 80’s/90’s
24/04 – DJ Sivan // Electro House.

Join us for the opening night Sunday, Apr 21st starting at 19:00. Great Food, Drinks, Music, Art and most important good vibes 🙂

Curator: Orit Granot
Production team: Dan Groover and Isabelle Acoca

The purpose of ‘Beyond the Walls’ project, is to create a community based movement through groups of people of various sectors and disciplines such as education, environment, corporate organizations, design and academia, to name a few, that will unite people to drive change forward in order to improve our society through artistic projects and artists themselves.

Graffiti and Street Art, the latest contemporary art movements of the 20th century, were born as a response to identity and integration issues within society. They have created a movement, meant for freedom of expression and are accessible to all because of its public nature. We could say that Graffiti and Street Art served to date as the ambassadors of hope and progressively contributed to a silent revolution free of censorship.

Beyond the Walls will create series of actions, such as exhibitions, conferences and workshops with a number of young emerging artists that will be the pioneers of this new community.

Express.. Create.. Reveal..
Stay Real.

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