Mon 6 August 2018 | 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Drama - Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv, FREE

What makes a humorous stand to succeed on Facebook? How do you turn a group that tells jokes to a community that talks about more important things? What is forbidden to laugh about? Who’s to blame, Ross or Rachel, and what’s the thing that bothers high-tech people?

Wize is happy to invite you to a special meeting with the administrators of two of the most viral pages on Facebook – “Trouble in High Tech” and “Amalek” – in a conversation about social networks, viral jokes, managing communities of tens (and hundreds of thousands) To.

If you come to learn how to identify in advance what will be viral – you will probably be disappointed. But we have lots of other funny things to tell you!

The meeting will take place on Monday, August 6, at Drama-Bar (Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv). 18:30 – Opening of doors, 20:00 – beginning of lecture. Entrance to the event is free of charge, but registration is required in advance.

*** About the lecture and the lecturers ***

(*) Amir Bar-Kol, 32, Jerusalem refugee, director of Microsoft’s sushi company Israel Development, Adam on the satirical Peek News page, a fighter for Ross Geller’s reputation.

LK is a satirical Facebook page that takes daily news and uses it as raw material to make people laugh, annoy, and mislead their followers. From time to time, a statement about the Israeli media and society, usually not. The Facebook page of Microsoft, on the other hand, comes to examine what happens when a serious organization treats itself with humor.

(*) Arbel Singer, Tel Aviv (but Region 2), originally from Safed. Director of product strategy for Microsoft’s security group, and together with Eran Jakubowicz, he founded and manages the Zerot Haightech community, which includes a page with about 55,000 followers and a group of about 50,000 members.

“High-tech trouble” is much more than a humorous Facebook page that gives people a place to vent their frustration when there is only one type of beer in the refrigerator. The Facebook group we have opened is the largest high-tech community in Israel with about 50,000 members who share their dilemmas, ask questions about their unique topics as high-tech (anonymously) and argue with the same passion for the most delicious coffee capsule, aviation clubs, Employment difficulties for adults in high-tech, work life balance and more. There are also groups dedicated to the search for work and workers and the sale of second hand and real estate, with thousands of members each, all high-tech.

As we see the community and this employment sector called the High Tech, it’s not just high salaries and leasing. Being a high-tech means working very hard, sometimes around the clock and the world, working under pressure and deadlines. Is to be part of an industry that is very dynamic, both in the context of the transition between roles and skills and in the context of layoffs and jobs, to deal with unique problems such as sitting in front of a screen, working spice, and other “troubles” that seem like indulgence to outsiders.

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