Fri 10 May 2019 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Malki - Malkei Israel 5, Tel Aviv,


Kings are proud to present ★ beer and records ★ Spring Festival Square

every Friday afternoon 10.5 Starting at 13:00 | Free admission ~


A spring celebration in the royal square! On every Friday in May, the Malki is decorated with
dozens of designer stalls, the best of record rotors,
blankets to be wary of the pleasant sun of May and cool beer from the barrel at 50%! ~

★ ★ ★

beer festival and records Square flowering season opens pop-up stalls with a variety of designers, plants and succulents, vintage clothes and second-hand items, home decor items and much more!

What more? >> We prepared you for the best of DJs ~ Quilts for
sunny and indulgent chil ~ Summer cocktails ~ Delicious dishes ~ And beer for half price! Will

play >>
★ Eyal Goldman ★
★ Eilon Yoeli★
★ Nimrod Rothem ★
★ Erez Todres ★

will be hot and cool!

Kings of Israel Free entrance!