Thu 15 August 2019 | 3:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Kerem Maharal - Kerem Maharal, Kerem Maharal,

Conference Witches
Moon Moon Mother Clinic ️️

15.8.2019 Tu B’Av
So we will indulge ourselves in Infinite Love when all is in abundance

… Let us open the coffin of the enchanted at home …
Wear the best of dresses and robes. ..
befits a coven.
superior broom …
and we will all meet in the forest, in the late afternoon, when the sorceress sun laughs in the sky,
winking at us sing, exult and dance.
Park your broom tree driveway designed for, broom,
go ponds with water diamond life,
We will move the enchanted buttocks with joyful music
, laughter, laughter, nonsense and other toads …
We will eat and drink from the enchanted hands of the kitchen witch ..
We will leave the wallet at home because everything is already included in advanced…
Conference pay only with a smile, whispered, – sound, frog legs and herbs grown by elves .. (-:

And in the evening, when the witch moon will rise in full,
we will gather around the fire
with a pot burning and spells …
along with four witches elements of the best,
and Ncsof magic … Like the good old days … and

those who have not yet heard the whisper of the earth …
we will tell it in the words of sorcery of the great books and the yellow pages …
then listen inward to your heart …
and read the spell — when the

moon is full
and four witches the elements hover over them brooms ..
Municipality four directions open

ergum Haooir
singing at full voice,
spells sweet Tooh

ergum Has
flames fans,
lights the Htsokh

The Water Witch
Her arms in the stream,
reflection in the reflection of the

witch of the
earth, her ears
listening to the earth, she listening to her heartbeat

זו This is a call to you sisters,
this is a witch’s convention,
so Buena is at

rest in the position of everything came
the hammock, on the bench,
if perfected ..
perhaps with water, possibly fire,
perhaps some Atz.. 

would exacerbate the witch that represents this minute,
put on your clothes fit you just magical 
and me on a broom Hksmim 
and come up us .. (special parking you prepare the trees  

fused to the forest, between the branches, different spaces .. 
singing, hopping, relaxation or fluttering ..
now just Finokim..

washed, settled , Singers, danced and Tistti ..

And before sunset you gather,
around the fire gather together
for a magical potter’s ceremony you will observe .

We will burn, we will burn, we will burn …
just as you
will get a place to bring all of you ..  

iggetti tigetti Tigitita magic potion for us out 

magical forest 
vineyard Maharal, farm vineyard abundance
between the pool of natural water is a
magical ..
for the

enchantments , among the trees cradling .. To the dance floor and showers of water

food stand Mcosf Snibhs palm, abundant and luxurious ..
naturally, and Tzibaoni 
of witch one abih East
and all-inclusive price Hcrtis 

bring a swimsuit, or simply a human body 

tent or overnight for those who want a cheap and its … 

heart full of Smhh❤

You witches have the elements that I can not

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