Thu 9 May 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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You can not do epic shit with basic

Big blue of sky, sea blue.
Marking the perfect opening point for the 71st anniversary of Israel.

In the gatelle – a trivial matter.
Things lose meaning, along with the joy, happiness, and joyful pleasure we feel in life.

Herzliya, facing the sea, under the open sky.
On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of our country,
You get the most accurate location near the waves, between the sky and the blue and white holiday breeze.

“Independence Day is a holiday in the State of Israel.
A day marking the establishment of the State of Israel at the end of the British Mandate. ”
We celebrate the 71st birthday of our beloved country.

Thursday, 9/5 Starting at 15:00, noon in the day when the sun is kicking, caressing the sunset and ending in the small hours of the night 23:00


Independence Day noon

Ella Gotman
She won the best Israeli DJ, was signed by an Israeli DJ agency, and from there she started performing around the globe, festivals and events in Europe, USA and South Africa.

Naor Nurieli
One of the most talented creators who exist here, who dances between large stages in Israel and around the world, has a special musical taste coming to spread love to us in the Gattali melody.

Oren Cohen
With charisma and a very special musical taste, comes to give a set in a particularly kicking Bagatelli

Ben Wiess
One of the rising stars in the electronic scene.

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