Sat 15 December 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit Maariv - karlibach 2, Tel Aviv,

We at BP Empire love to initiate and organize accurate, historical and hysterical events. On Saturday, 15.12 we will take another desired urban winter destination and signify another revolutionary landmark on the multifaceted Map of the Empire.

If we try to humanize normality, we can perhaps compare it to a psalm, which has many houses, different in length and width between man and man, and only that person really knows the words and the melody.

We look for people who have a psalm similar to ours, and together form a huge book of poems that will prove that we are somehow somehow normal, and that anyone who is not in our book is really crazy.

It does not really matter what your words are, because we are here for the melody, the same melodious melody that does not differentiate between crazy and crazy, but is in the book of songs for all of us.

Saturday, 15/12, we gather for a unique and unique urban rave in the heart of the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv – Ma’ariv Club Club!

In honor of the Urban Rave, we raised a battery of artists that would not disgrace a festival!


Rising Dust
This trance composition changed people’s lives in the country, just like that!
It is a great honor to host Ami and John here at Urban Rave!

Yorken has captured our hearts long ago and his last set at the traditional bear festival has left us with a taste for more! Now is the time to combine this great artist with us in a line up!

For several years, Shaiman has been leading a new generation of performers who have introduced a new and original psychedelic taste and order. Sheiman’s sets have been honored by tens of thousands of hearts and especially here!

Chollo is a veteran DJ, a talented producer and one of the artists with the most positive smile there is. Chollo comes to a psychedelic, trusting and conquering psychedelic set!

Our Residency at BP Empire celebrates a birthday and arrives loaded with new music!

He got the keys to the most important safe in the evening. Tzviki will close this event and it is really not clear how everything here is going to end!

Techno – Healing Room in the Magic Art and the occult

Sean Doron
One of the most influential figures on the growth of the Tel Aviv techno scene. One of the founders of the Monochrome family that conquered all of our hearts!

A techno activist of the highest rank with a gifted musical mind on the edge of lift!

Rotem Taitle
A fine musical producer and one of the doomsday kisses we release at such an accurate event!

In summary … This is not an event that will suit everyone … just a small group of crazy people just like us … This is a unique public singing event, in which you do not speak words, but only insane smiles.

Do not think you’re used to it, because with such thoughts, you’ll lose it altogether.

Saturday, 15/12/2018
“Maariv House” – Carlebach 2
Opening gates: 13:00
Until 01:00

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