Mon 7 May 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:58 pm
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Azealia Banks
Barbie in Tel Aviv, Monday, 7.5.2018

No, it’s not thunder and lightning-it’s Azilia Banks.

In 2011, Azilea burst into our lives in a storm with “212,” a provocative mega-hit that conquered the marches and was stoned to a halt in the clubs and the media. But it all began in 2008, when the young singer-songwriter, then only 17, released the first song she recorded – “Gimme a Chance”. The industry had given her a chance, and that same year she signed a contract with XL Recordings. Shortly thereafter, Banks, a native of Harlem, decided to make a massive change in her life and move to Montreal – where she abandoned the stage name that accompanied her until then, “Miss Bank”, and began to work hard on her music career. Banks focused on creating music and recording demo versions of her songs, including the song “L8R” and – note – a caption to the song “Slow Hands” by Interpol. After an exhaustive period in Canada, Banks returned to New York, and since then everything has been history.

In September 2011, Banks released a free download to “212”, which was released as the first single of her mini-album “1991”. The juicy single soon became a hit and was a great success, especially in the singles charts of European countries, including Britain, where it reached 12th place in the rap album charts. At the beginning of 2012 she began working with British producer Paul Appworth on her debut album, while she participated in the song “Shady Love” by the successful pop band Scissor Sisters. At that time, Banks released two singles: “NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND”) and “Bambi”, which was selected as the soundtark of Tyrie Mugler’s fashion show in Paris.

In May of that year, the 1991 EP was released with a single in the same name. The EP and the single were a huge success, and the album even reached the status of a gold record in Australia. “1991” introduced the musical line of Banks: a combination of house rhythms and electronics, powerful rap and soft and sensual poetry. Shortly after that, 1991, Banks released the Fantasea experimental mixtape, which also received excellent reviews (among them a critique of the Guardian, in which she called her “an artist full of unique ideas”) and a week later unveiled her Internet radio project, Kunt .FM. In addition to this, Banks managed to work with huge names such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Ariel Fink and Theophilus London.

Banks, which became the darling of the DJs, released in 2013 a remix of the Harlem Shake, a rap version that made waves in clubs and social networks. In addition, she released “Yung Rapunxel”, the first official single from the studio album “Broke with Expensive Taste”, which will soon become a hit and later a good clip directed by the visual artist Jam Sutton.

The next song that Banks released from “Broke with Expensive Taste” was “ATM Jam”, which is played by none other than Farrell Williams. The single debuted and performed for the first time at the glamorous Glastonbury Festival, and the album itself was released by Banks in a surprise at iTunes in 2014. Later on, Banks introduced other fine singles from the album, Count Contessa and Ice Princess,

In 2016, Azilia released her single hit “The Big Big Beat” and the successful “Slay-Z” mixtape [which made fans call her “Slayzealia”], and in 2017 she released, among other things, the excellent and very different songs from each other “Chi Chi “And” Escapades “. In the same year, Banks set up an independent recording label called “Chaos & Glory Recordings” (“Chaos & Glory Recordings”) and went on a tour of about 20 performances across America and Europe, which she received enthusiastic reviews. In January, Banks signed a $ 1 million recording contract with Entertainment One.

Banks is known for her powerful, sexy and uncompromising style, which receives an increased volume in her performances, a biting and biting attitudy and a tendency to provocations that have made her the tabloid favorite. Despite [and because of] the scandals and entirely because of the music, Banks is one of the most interesting and unexpected characters in the pop world – and as such she always leaves us on the edge, curious to know what else she will pull out of the hat.

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