Fri 19 April 2024 | 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Aviv Meet-up! !מפגש אביב

WHO? Your name is Aviv
WHERE? Aviv Beach, Tel Aviv
WHEN? April 19th, 2024 — 12:00 – 18:00
WHAT? Our meet-up, during our season, on our beach, in our city

Bring your favorite “Aviv activities”
Free entry, it’s a public beach (Avivs preferred)
Here is a link to join the Official “Aviv Meet-up” Facebook Group:
Hi, my name’s Aviv,

I’m an Oleh Hadash and made aliyah July 2023.
Growing up my whole life in the US, I was told I have a unique/pretty name, but also had its pronunciation butchered by substitute teachers and baristas alike.

In the 7months I’ve been living here, I’ve only met 2 other Avivs. Crazy right? Especially living in TLV. Not even an Avi, Aviva, Avishai, Avital, Avigail, etc.

To add a bit of humor to my life amidst the war, I’d love to meet more Avivs. So I’m putting together this event. Help an Aviv out and spread the word to the other Avivs in your life.

Thank you, all ❤
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