Sat 28 September 2019 | 12:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Me'ever - Haboker 4, Mitzpe Ramon,

InDnegev is home to our second, so we decided to unite families, increasing the vibe, and reveal to you a little taste compound Soundsystem powerful happens first

▬b D-Negev Festival ● 2019 ● InDnegev Festival ▬
conjunction with another family in our
DaganJah full sound system
▬ ▬▬▬
Ashkara was born from the desire to connect people, bring together cultures, and let music do the rest.
No scene because everyone has a place.
Breaking conventions to create worlds.
▩▩▩▩▩▩ 28/09 – Mitzpe Ramon – Me’ever / Beyond ▩▩▩▩▩▩
Second before “Holidays” – Saturday – Lunch party until the moon comes.
A refined concentration of good music and particularly fat bass, on Daggaja’s powerful sound system (Original Jamaican). (Illustrative image Search the event).
By the end of this week we will slowly reveal to you who will move your body and mind.
Guaranteed especially dance cross-cultural journey, and sectors!
So it’s worth staying in business.

The first is no secret, and really doesn’t have much to show because his name goes well ahead of him.
∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ ° DaganJah ° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °
While not busy with the sound system DaganJah collects some music from around the world, from the Caribbean to Africa and the Far East to the Amazon rainforest. Always make sure the melody hangs in a nice, fat bass. Equipped with a sound system, he will reach the crossing in Mitzpe Ramon to give you the heart and soul.

second he is a member of the Ashkara family, and here with a clear goal to repair with oily bass everything that is crooked.
°° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° Ras ° Ras Al Tune ° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °°
With melodies gathered between Jamaica and Zion – and between sacred and sand, Ras al-Tion will submit his great love to the beat And to the great power of sound.
A set ranging from Roots to Steppers that will simply move your body and heart.
And heal the soul of the nation.

∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ ° Shuz In feat Ranking Levy (My Lord Sound )
He’s a gentleman who likes to change hats. Among the projects under his control – ( Geshem 3421 , Trilion , Plaid, and more) produces a host of local and overseas creators and questionable collaborators who line up with other areas of the art world. On Saturday, he will occupy the DJ hat and reach an exclusive set that will include a sizable chunk of material that has yet to be released, premiering on our terrifying system.

Existing My Lord Sound 2003 Existing Member and Trilion Composer. Ranking is an Jamaican DJ style DJ, the genre considered the roots of rap. The style that Levi identifies with is called “Rab a Dove” and is considered one of his loyal ambassadors around the world. Levy performed with the genre’s big names, recording for labels Jhattari, Scotch Bunt and Pure Nissense.

° ∞ ° ° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ ° Will be added soon ° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °° ∞ °

Entrance Age: 18
bar alcohol priced at
dining members From the soul of a
ticket sale at a pre-sale, and an “Inventor” ticket (presented by ID): 35 NIS
Full price: 50 NIS
Number of places limited! It is highly recommended to arm a ticket and secure your dance with us.

Family event, like you’ve always dreamed
All Tribes Are Welcome

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