Mon 18 February 2019 | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,

Show – Spoken – Rap – Crying – Laughter

Opening doors 19:30. Really start at 20:00, really but there is a show after.

Who knows me, watched me, heard, cried, shared, yelled “What a pain Dink will wear,” read a post on Facebook, got advice for life – you know why you should come.

Those who do not know me – I want to tell you that I have a reverence for the time of people in this world, and I would not dare to perform a show in life if I did not feel that every minute deserves anyone who has a heart and turns like a human being.

What will happen on stage?

Spoken Word – I chose my most delicious and most important pieces, which I cooked long and very long cooking, to get ripe and at the right temperature for this performance.

Musical Spoken – It is clear that the guitar and chords make everything more pleasant

Rap – this is the truth friends. Deep down I am a rapper, a husband full of identities, a social justice fighter who believes in a combination of curses and consoling spiritual statements.

Meaningless chants – will be full.

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