Mon 13 May 2019 | 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm
The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv,

Zoom 2019 – Young Israeli Artists is the second exhibition of the Zoom project, designed to provide a stage for outstanding young artists (the first zoom exhibition was shown in 2016 at the Anna Ticho House in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Israel Museum). The 22 artists presented in the current exhibition were selected in a process that included an examination of about 1,000 works of art exhibited at art exhibitions throughout the country over the past three years, personal meetings with 80 graduates and consultation of exhibition curators Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler with curators of the Israel Museum.

Zoom exhibitions express a wide range of topics that concern the younger generation in Israel. In order to allow artistic artists artistic freedom, they are not thematic but focus on the subjects chosen by the artists. However, in the present exhibition there are several points of contact between the themes of the works: time, memory, eternity and death; Social and political issues; Gender and identity; Man’s arrogant attitude toward nature; Dialogue with the museum space and its contents.

Participating artists
Jannat Amara, Hamutal Attar, Moran Asraf, Yuval Atzili, Osher Ben Yehuda, Ron Chen, Shani Dagan, Shai Dror,  Sivan Farber, Noga Farchy, Adi Fluman, Shmuel Goldstein, Shir Handelsman, Nardeen Srouji, Anat Keinan, Kineret Haya Max, Michal Luft, Saher Miari, Noga Mizrahi, Maya Perry, Ran Slapak, Izabella Volovnik

Ghila Limon, founder, director and curator of the project zoom
Tal Bechler, curator of the project zoom

exhibition zoom 2019 – young Israeli artists will be open to visitors at the Museum nature Studies Steinhardt from 14 May until October 2019 at the High holidays. the exhibition covers four floors and is integrated into the museum’s permanent exhibits and other unexpected spaces.

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