Sat 1 April 2017 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Yitzak Sadeh 29 - Yitzak Sadeh 29, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

To all you drunks and fools! The 1st of April is coming and camp Marshmechen is throwing one hell of a roof party!!

Get ready for the madness! There will be weird people with long noses, some with short noses, some with a crooked nose and no neck (!!), earthquakes and a big tzunami that will wipe all of us fools out! Let’s rock it together, get wasted together and let’s promise that no ones goes to bed alone!

Yeah right.. Because let’s be honest, it is likely it’s going to be just OK, you’re gonna drink way too much, throw up on your way home and really hate yourselves in the morning for not knowing what the f*** happened last night.

Bottom line is we have a roof, a sun, lots of booze and us!

1st of April
Its going to be a crazy afternoon in hell, see you there 🙂

★★ Entrance fee – 30 NIS —- up to 15:00 there will also be a free shot to go with it! Arrive early, let’s not let the sun go to waste!
★★★ Cheap Alcohol for everyone and every wallet
★★★★ Various Treats and Suprises all afternoon
——> No one leaves sober! NO ONE!


@@@ Coming from a galaxy far far away to rock your Saturday @@@

#### Tom Shadmi ####
A long time resident from the “Shvurit Zhuha” AKA “The Exaggerated One”, will make your knees weak with some magical Groove Funk to warm up the afternoon followed by Hip Hop that will make you’re blood pressure rise to the sky!

#### Ehud Alkoby (DJ Traveler) ####
Yes! We have him hostage! Coming from the famous “Japser Jones”, we borrowed hom for one night and one night only straight out of the Heart camp, he will take us on a trip on the axis from Electro beats to Live Music and have us all diving in to Deep Playa. The Wandering Magician – Hit us up!!!

#### ART E Shock ####
The three legendery fairies! the trio lineup of Yaara Goldman, Amir Peer and Roy Shpilman who will make you lose your mind with their famous triple set combining Electro, Oriental funk, Trap, Glitch and much more!!
Prepare to play with fire, you’re feet will buuuuurrrrrrrrnnn!

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