Sat 29 June 2019 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Secret Location - tel aviv, tel aviv,

When some of the people who make the night celebrate a birthday at the same time, we thought it would be right to give you a legendary party in two parts to celebrate them and this wonderful summer that is happening here.

Because we like to exaggerate.

This is why : Anonymous and Kliente – The Society for Music Celebrates the Birthday of:
✯ Yaniv Tiberias – The Man Behind Anonymous and so many crazy productions and parties that have happened here over the last decade
✯ Dana Skarma – DJ for us to also play a special birthday set
✯ Shiran Levi – An incomplete party without her!

start on the roofs of Tel Aviv, 14:00 on a secret and stunning roof in the center of the city, whose location will be handed over to the ticket purchasers for the event
and continue to be the official afternoons of the alphabet, but so that all the beautiful things that happen to us will continue to happen.

Of course, according to the birthday of people who live and breathe music, our lineup is also very crazy. Attention:

Roof 14:00
Shawn Doron ✯ Danny Tuval in Córdoba Loren Si ✯ Skarma ✯ Noise – Live Music ✯ Tom Rehr in Katowek Adam Lev

with the sale of hysterical clothing of Soundesign

After 23:00 Alfaat:
Shawn Doron ✯ Oriya Klapter ✯ Sharon Reuven ✯ Punjabi in Katobak Ido Sarig ✯ Pankammel ✯ Ben Barakeh

Then enter the diaries because you do not want to miss it:

June 29
start at 14:00 and
finish the next day
tickets in a link and hurry

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