Thu 24 January 2019 | 10:30 pm - 11:59 pm
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Anonymous First.

Sounds fanciful but it happens. And after a record year with a number of events that broke the city, cooperation of all kinds and species, and sets that turned Anonymous into the buzz of Tel Aviv City, we decided to return to the sources.

Our event, just ours. No connections without sharing and no distractions. Targeted night with the most interesting musical selectors in a rough and urban location that will come to you completely in reverse. One that brings us back the excitement because nevertheless having a party in space created for another purpose in general is something that makes us a lot of shivers and makes our heart sing.

The location will remain discreet at this time. Just say that this is a huge factory in the center of the city, a different industrial spice perfectly integrated soundtrack are going to provide you four artists we chose for this event.

And here they are without a certain order:

Sean Doron – Every time he is with us in Anonymous, this is a serious pride. He is responsible for some of the moments of 2018 with us. So our opening shot to 2019 is there, Big Time.

Josie – a few words we poured on the good-looking guy and good taste this past year … and everything is true. He knows how to move wide and release it a second before everything loses control, so he is with us this time too, and that’s a big one.

Chen – a new year is also a time for small revolutions, so Hermano Von Lahan, the most Israeli in recent years, he answered us from Buenos Aires or China or Los Angeles or where it was not and said Yalla, so come on.

Juan Yarin – the most underground monochromist comes to us a second or third time for another spectacular session of epic tech and divine Micxus technique,

Dats It. Four of the city’s best musical treasures, a location that feels like Munich in Tel Aviv, and a sound system that sits as best as possible on your ears and yours. In short, Anonymous.

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