Tue 27 November 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Escape City - Ben Yehuda 32, Tel Aviv,

On Tuesday, November 27, we will host Alon Gur-Arie at the Think & Drink meetings at Skype City in a lecture about the Simpsons.

An event dedicated entirely to the Simpsons, the series, the Simpsons universe and wisdom
Homer ‘s Life. In a scholarly lecture, director Alon Gur-Arie will tell the behind-the-scenes role of the dysfunctional family that began as a subversive satire on American culture, became a culture in its own right and won the title “The Longest Musical Series in History.” Why did the White House try to lower the viewing rate? Who are the real people that Springfield residents are based on? How many times can I stretch Mo on the phone? Who spread the vicious rumors about the approaching divorce of Marge and Homer? And why do you have to ask four questions when you are invited to a really worthwhile event?

Alon is Gur Aryeh is a director and screenwriter (the closed institution, hippopotamus, club
The Disturbing Movie), lectures on comedies and acts like a cartoon character.

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