Mon 21 November 2016 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Tsuzamen - Lillenblum 25, Tel Aviv, 25 NIS

Adam Evald is a musician from Malmö, Sweden. He is the inventor of the genre “chamber pop”, a genre in which he blends pop songs with a classical music touch.

He sings openly about the emotional trials of life. His songs describe the sudden death of love, piercing betrayal and how loneliness and grief can swallow you whole. With a small chamber ensemble (violin, cello, double-bass and piano) he has created a dynamic musical world where hopelessness battles hope; sad songs in major struggle against humble songs in minor. His musical expression is very precise and the level of honesty is appealing. He has the ability to catch your attention with subtleties, not only in his lyrics and in the way he has arranged the instruments, but also in his million-colored gestures on stage.

Since Adam Evald’s live debut in November 2012, he has carried out several tours. He has given more than 260 performances in 140 cities in 30 countries on four continents. It is the result of an unusual tradition – to go on an annual world tour.

Right now Adam Evald is in the threshold of his third world tour, a journey that will take him from Benelux to Israel, the Baltics to Kazakhstan, to India and beyond.

If you miss you chance to catch Adam Evald live, your only consolation is to listen to his debut album “Love Knuckles Peace Dove”. It can be found on any streaming service or in selected record stores.

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