Fri 25 May 2018 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Jerusalem Beach - Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv,

Are beaches open for the enjoyment of the general public, or are beaches closed and built for the rich only? Enjoy and preserve the beaches we have today? Or give up thousands of dunams of our coastal strip for real estate that will block all of us from the coast?

On Friday, May 25th, we will arrive at the beach in Tel Aviv, and will create a wide human display that will show the government that there is a public here that is not willing to give up its beaches.

Not every day we have the opportunity to influence a decision whose results will remain for generations, now this is such an opportunity and it is time to act to ensure and create the future we want to see.

On June 3, 2002, the amendment to the Coast Law will be voted on by the Ministerial Committee of the Knesset. The amendment is intended to prevent some 50 old construction plans from turning our beaches into concrete monsters. In Palmachim and Achziv, groups of residents are still fighting, but beaches around the country are in danger !! Thousands of acres of coastal strip to be stolen from the public if we do not act today!

We intend to make sure that this time they vote correctly, that they choose the public good and not the tycoons! Who will vote for natural and open beaches for all, in favor of the public, not just the rich. Join us and this time we’ll make it happen, because you’re not going to give up your favorite beach so somebody can build a hotel and get rich at the expense of all of us, right?

What do you do until 25.5?

We invite all those who want to visit the Jerusalem beach in Tel Aviv on Friday to enjoy the sea, and also to do something to make sure it stays here tomorrow.
Joining and inviting family and friends, each and every one of you is important!

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