Thu 26 July 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv, 55 NIS

The Pele (Wonder) family is celebrating its 5th Birthday and Tu B’Av at a legendary ball. All of you mythical wonders of creation are invited to a celebration in the wondrous forest…

We are very excited to celebrate the existence of this amazing space that spreads so much light to the world, that enables us to practice giving and receiving, and does so much good for our soul. It is a great honor to celebrate the amazing growth of our magical community!

You are all invited with great love to Pele’s birthday celebration 🙂
And since this is such a special occasion… we chose to get together on a special day… The day that is most suitable for a celebration of love in the house of love – A special and ancient day in the Hebrew tradition that celebrates unconditional and encompassing love- Tu B’Av (ט”ו באב).

This is going to be a wondrous, mysterious and mythical celebration to which all the magical creatures are invited from all over, to gather in true and unconditional love. Here we will break down the boundaries between the self and the other, between good and evil, and a return to simplicity and unity in accordance with the ancient tradition of Tu B’Av and the Pele spirit…

The Pele has had 5 years of inspirational activities at home and outside.
There were more than 1000 events, more than 200 volunteers and over 100,000 loved ones, who have experienced, created, gave, received, were and are part of the ongoing creation and doing – Wow!!!

We are going to have a celebration that is all magic, love, joy and unity…
Thursday -26.7- Starting at 21:00 at the Pele (Paul Kor 16 Tel Aviv)
The whole community will gather to dance, meet, fly, eat, sing, play and just be!

A celebration in a particularly wondrous frequency of love, magic and mystery, freedom and transcendence…
Which all of us, the Pele tribe, will create together! 🙂

One of the reasons this special celebration will be one of the most amazing experiences you have ever had is because all of it will be created on a volunteer basis by community members who want to show their gratitude to this special home and to this family!

Here is a taste of the magic that is going to happen at this amazing celebration…

We are celebrating 5 years and therefore there will be 5 of everything…
5 spaces, 5 DJs, 5 workshops, 5 musicians and many other surprises…
There are also rumors that some grandmother… a Mrs. Ravi’a … will come to make us go nuts with a stand-up comedy show about the Pele

A special and mythical setting
Magical music
Many delicious vegan dishes and desserts
A sacred song circle space
A hangout space for relaxation and connecting
150 First tickets- 55 NIS
250 Regular tickets- 85 NIS
100 Last tickets or at the entrance if any tickets will be left- 105 NIS

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