Sat 9 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

Ahlan family and community beloved

The wonder is happy to invite you and you to something new … to a magical circle of poetry that will be entirely open to the community and anyone who wants to share his gift and talent is invited with huge love.
The wonder is the home of the poetry circles in Tel Aviv and it is time for the wonder team to raise a circle of open poetry to the community in this amazing house in order to make it a tradition.
We will sing, dance, be happy and celebrate life that does not really need a reason or a special date.

The circle of sacred poetry has a lot of power and healing abilities.
He connects hearts and unites us because we are all one in the end.
Our invitation and wonder is that you come and develop your heart and voice.
There is nothing to be ashamed of, it is permissible to forge that when we do and do so together, the forgery becomes harmony.

Musicians and musicians who will keep the circle:
Eddie Zaidman – guidance, singing and expression.
Eitan Baruch – More, bass, guitar and vocals.
Raz Lleving – Vocals and Guitar.
Itamar Becher – Farkash.
Oshrit Menashe – Poetry.


20:00 Gathering for hugs, coffee / tea and snacks.

20:30 – Curling up and starting the celebration.

22:30 – Good night hugs.

Admission with a recommended donation of 50 NIS.
All revenues are in favor of the continued existence of this magical space.

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