Thu 30 May 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv,

LIVE MUSIC by fashionbar presents! FIRST IN ISRAEL!
🔥 30.05 we meet Hammali & Navai with a big live concert at the best concert venue HAOMAN 17 tel aviv !!!

The popular duo will present us their debut album “Janavi”! 💙

😎HammAli & Navai is a creative tandem that has become a real discovery of 2018th, thanks to the excellent combination of actual sound with elements of house and deep music.🎧

Connecting love ballads and music that pumps every dance floor is not an easy task! But Alexander Aliev and Nawal Bakirov succeeded!

⚡️The creative tandem of Hammali & Navai thundered in the opening status of 2017 and literally in a few months won the hearts of thousands of fans!

The first loud hit, which hit “to the point” – the composition “You are my chemistry.” Fans of the duo are really interested in the work, providing her a place in the 20 most popular songs! 🔝

No less significant was the release of a single with Bahh Tee. The composition “Fly Together” scored more than 2 million online views and once again confirmed: Hammali & Navai is waiting for a dizzying success! 💥

After an enchanting performance, you will find a no less enchanting continuation of the evening at the ⚡️AFTERPARTY Drive!

Sponsors of an unforgettable evening:
⭐️Avion Tequila – VIP product of Mexican alcoholic art.
⭐️ Dutch vodka Van Gogh is the only vodka in the world that can make a real gourmet happy. The unexpected combination of vodka and sweet aromas is the same as the paintings of the brilliant Master.

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