Thu 7 March 2019 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

We feel recently that the special scent of our skunk is beginning to touch many noses throughout the city.
The truth is that since our last event in the block, we have received quite a few flattering messages, chattering conversations and countless questions about “when the next event” takes place, in all kinds of variations, and it’s time for you to know ..

It’s Thursday and it’s in the block

We are less good in words .. That’s why we went to electronic music and live music and when they fit together, for us, this is the absolute ideal!
The combination of the musical style, which we really envy in our productions, together with the sound temple of the city gave rise to something perfect for us so we decided to go on a second tour and how we came to take you on a journey around the world of high quality music. Our Community of Skunkers!

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