Live it up in the Lap of Luxury with excellent rooms and amenities at the finest hotels Israel has to offer! Scroll down for our guides for for the Best Luxury Hotels all around the country, and splurge a little in your next vacation.

Are you traveling around Israel? Secret Tel Aviv has lovingly compiled guides on the Best Hotels in Israel, click here to check out all the guides.

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When it comes to Tel Aviv, we are the experts. If you are looking for five-star luxury in the non-stop city, we have got you covered. Check out our guide for Best Luxury Hotels in Tel Aviv, and enjoy your stay, it’s an amazing city!



Planning a trip to the holy city? Stay at the very best hotels in Jerusalem! Most of these luxury hotels are in the Mamilla area, but there are a couple of others dotted around the city. Check out our Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem guide. 



Located in the North, Haifa is a port city that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea all the way up to Mount Carmel. Famed for the Bahá’í Gardens, Haifa has many hidden treasures throughout the city! For 5-star accommodation, check out our guide for for the Best Luxury Hotels in Haifa.


With 360 days of sun a year, a loud nightlife, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins, beaches, and awesome spring break parties… You don’t need to leave Israel to have a great weekend away! Check out our guide for for the Best Luxury Hotels in Eilat, and splurge a little in your next vacation to Eilat.


With beautiful nature, magical cities and many fun activities, the North area of Israel is not to be missed, luckily, it is also one of the areas with the most beautiful hotels in the country, so you can rest in a magical location after a day full of nature and adventure. Check out our Best Luxury Hotels in the North of Israel to find the perfect location.

The Dead Sea is the world’s lowest point located almost 1000 feet below sea level, and it is also home for some amazing resorts where you can relax and enjoy a weekend away. If you are looking for the fanciest hotels in the area, our Best Luxury Hotels in the Dead Sea is for you.


The South of Israel is a beautiful part of the country filled with all kinds of activities in the desert, bedouin tents, natural reserves, wineries and much more. If you are looking for world class 5-star hotels in this region, check out our Best Luxury Hotels in the South of Israel guide.


If you still haven’t made up your mind on where you want to stay at, or just feeling curious about Israel’s Luxury hotel scene, check out our Ultimate Best Luxury Hotels in Israel guide, a long list of top high-end hotels.



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