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By Natalie,May 14, 2015

This small stand in Shuk HaCarmel is constantly busy, and for good reason. This was the first arepa we had ever eaten so we can’t say if it was comparably good, but we can tell you that it was definitely good. We went with Venezuelan friends so that they could be true judges, and they can confirm that it’s the real deal. An arepa is a fluffy and crumbly Venezuelan corn bread about the size of a burger that can be filled with all kinds of things. Locally, they will eat it for breakfast with cheese, or with meat as a meal. At this stand, which is run by Venezuelans who made Aliyah, you can choose from many fillings including chicken, beef, beans, guacamole, and cheese. No matter what you decide to put inside, they charge a reasonable 25 NIS a piece. They also have something called a cachapa which is made of corn dough and is filled with delicious melted cheese and topped with melted butter. It gets a bit sickly so we recommend sharing that with a buddy.

Location and details:

Shuk HaCarmel
+972 54 468 6723

Opening times:
Sunday-Thursday: 09:30-18:00
Friday: 09:30-16:00

Price range: 25 NIS

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