Last updated March 13th 2016


Not just a sausage place, now one of the best burgers in town

For years, different websites have argued which is the best burger in Tel Aviv. Vitrina has recently joined the competition. It might not be number one but it’s definitely in the conversation. Vitrina is one of the best gourmet burgers at a great price in Tel Aviv.

Vitrina, which opened a year and a half ago, has done the sausage a great service by restoring it’s lost honor and elevating it to gourmet status. Not many loyal customers know Vitrina was originally meant to be a hamburger place. After months of urging by the owners father, who noticed that there was way too many hamburger places in Tel Aviv, owner Nati Menashe  finally listened to his father and devoted the restaurant and bar to sausages. Menashe has always honored his original vision of Vitrina by serving hamburgers as well, even when they weren’t on the menu. After noticing the success of his hamburger, Menashe made the hamburger a mainstay on the menu.

With the hamburger now having a spot on the menu, it is identified only by the name “Butler”. When you take a look at the Butler, it might not look like anything special, however, looks can be deceiving.  Delivered on an first-rate bun, it embraces a thick patty (220 grams) made of smoked neck meat and a bit of roast beef and black pepper. Arugula is used in the place of romaine lettuce, the pickles are homemade and the onions are cooked perfectly. People may come for the sausages, but they stay for the hamburger.

During the peak hours of lunch and dinner, Vitrina tends to have a short line, but it is worth the wait. The staff is very hip and friendly and their service is top notch. The waiting time at most will be 10 minutes but, trust me, it is worth every second for this delicious burger.


For those who don’t love burgers, the sausages are in their own league as well. My friends tell me that Vitrina sausages are the best in the city.

What to order with your burger:   The fries are some of the best fries I have tasted. Called “50/50”, they are made with two different kinds of potatoes: half white and half sweet. Their amazing taste can be credited to the lemon zest and parsley toppings.

עמית ויהונתן ויטרינה

Average price per person:40 NIS-50 NIS

Address: 54 Ibn Gabirol Street

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 12:30PM-11:00PM, Friday 12:00PM-5:00PM