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When I arrived in Israel, I visited many apartments. While I was waiting for my current owner, I sat in a bar, in Florentine street. I felt in love with the place. The staff are amazingly nice and helpfull. Thanks God, I’m now living 20 meters away from it. I’m going there on Friday or Saturday afternoon, its less overcrowded, to read or write.

Let’s speak about food, now.

Bugsy is a very fashionable bar / restaurant, in a hipster neighborhood, with good music and good food. I almost tasted the whole menu and I was never disappointed. I especially recommend the mini-schnitzels with spicy dip, that is amazing. You also can order the moroccan bread which is not on the menu.

The eggplant with tahini is very tasty and if you are starving, you can order the hamburger with fries – one of the best in town – or the entrecote with the mash potatoes. It’s huge and you will be full and happy.

I never order dessert in Israel because i’m french and I can’t stand bad desserts. I had the chocolate cake once and it wasn’t that bad, but I heard that the cheese cake in Bugsy is REALLY the best in the country. I got to try it.

For the record, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was one of the most infamous gangster during Prohibition.

Open : Sun-Fri 9:00-Last Customer, Sat from 11:00.
Address : 26 Florentine St.

Here are some pictures.

Bon appétit !


The lebanese salad, Moroccan bread, mini schnitzels and my arm.The lebanese salad, Moroccan bread, mini schnitzels and my arm.

IMG_2094Eggplant and tehina