Last updated June 3rd 2017

Whether you are living in Tel Aviv or just visiting, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once: what should I do today? Lucky for you, you are in a city that is full of things to do, from relaxing afternoons at the beach or a gallery, to exciting adrenalin sports and crazy parties. Celebrate Tel Aviv at its full potential with our recommendations for Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv!

Go to a party, meetup or festival! There are always great events going on in Tel Aviv like top parties to meet some people, hi-tech meetups to learn from the best, big or small concerts for every taste, food events to enjoy top gastronomy or incredible cultural highlights. Always stay updated of this cities best events, check out our Events Page.

Go to the beach! Defeating all odds of a tiny city, Tel Aviv has loads of awesome (and very different) beaches. If you are looking for sophisticated beach-side service check out The Hilton/ TopSea beach. For crowded beaches with great vibes check out the Gordon and Bograshov beaches. And if you want to relax like a local check out some of the southern beachesRead our guide for the ‘Best Beaches in Israel’

Eat in one of Tel Aviv’s delicious restaurants! Tel Aviv has hundreds of options of amazing restaurants, there is something for every taste, from great burger joints to some of the best breakfast in the world. We have lovingly created guides for all kinds of restaurants so don’t have to look any further. Check out our ‘Food and Drink’ page

Party all Night Long! Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is quickly acquiring a reputation for being one of the best in the World. With top clubs like The Block, amazing music venues like Barby, hipster hangouts like TEDER and Kuli Alma, and cool little local bars on every corner, it is hard to have a bad night out in Tel Aviv. Read our guide for the Best Bars and Clubs in Tel Aviv

Plan a bit of Shopping! Tel Aviv’s shopping scene is growing by the minute! Each day new stores open their doors with amazing designs and unique products. There is a shopping experience for every kind of taste, pop up markets, second hand stores, local design stores, big shopping centers with the most popular international brands and high end stores. Check out our Shopping page

Test Your IQ with one of Tel Aviv’s Escape Rooms! An awesome new trend spreading across Tel Aviv is Escape Rooms – you basically get locked in a room and have to find clues and solve puzzles to work out how to escape. Great for a date, an office activity, or simply a night out with friends! Read our guide for the Best Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv

Grab A Ticket to a Cool Concert! There are some great concerts in Tel Aviv happening all year long. If you are looking for big international artist, top Israeli musicians, upcoming indie bands or something funky and exotic, you can find in this city. Check out our Calendar section for the best International Artists or Israeli Concerts

Check out Tel Aviv’s Thriving Art Scene! Tel Aviv is full of art museums and galleries. One of our favorites is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – with paintings by top artists and great temporary exhibitions. For an interactive experience take a guided tour or a workshop, or walk through the streets of Florentin for some great street art. Read our guide for the Best Art Museums and Galleries in Tel Aviv

Visit a History Museum to learn more about Israel! It’s very easy to forget that Israel is less than 70 years old. While the beaches and the bars and good fun, it is also interesting to remember how Israel was born. There are loads of great history museums in Tel Aviv, one our favorites is the Eretz Israel Museum. We promise you won’t get bored! Read our guide for the Best History Museums in Tel Aviv

Watch a Modern Dance Show! Israel is the home to some of the world’s top modern dance companies. A great place to start is the Suzanne Dellal Centre – the home of The Batsheva Dance Company, The Inbal Dance Theatre Company, and the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company! All are amazing, world-class performers! Read our guide for Modern Dance in Israel

Spend a fun day at a waterpark! Take a day off from the hustle-bustle lifestyle, and enjoy a day of pure fun at one of Israel’s amazing water parks! Most of them are around an hour drive from Tel Aviv, so make a whole day trip out of it, it is the perfect way to spend some time with the family or friends on a hot summer day. Check out Israel’s Best Waterparks

Learn a new skill! Going to an arts and crafts class is a great way to meet new people, explore your creative inner-child, decorate your home, relax, or just get your hands dirty and have fun! You don’t have to be an expert to go, even better if you aren’t, that way it will be even more entertaining. Check out our guide for Arts and Crafts Classes in Tel Aviv

Visit one of Israel’s top wineries! Israel is home to some absolutely beautiful wineries, some are even are older than the country itself and some are more recent, but they all stand out by the excellence of their products. Enjoy one of their guided tours and take in the beautiful mediterranean scenery while tasting authentic Israeli wines. Check out our guide for Israel’s Best Wineries

Pump up your adrenalin! If you are into adrenalin sports, you can’t miss the change to play paintball at army-like fields (where real soldiers train!) or jumping from a plane flying over 10,000 feet high with some of the best professional paratroopers in the world! Not sure it is your thing? Try saying no to an Israeli trying to convince you. Check out our guides for Paintball in Israel and Skydiving in Israel

Looking for more ideas?

Take a walk through HaYarkon park. It’s hard to believe that less than 100 years ago Tel Aviv was just sand dunes. Of all the amazing things that have been built in this time, one of the most amazing has to be HaYarkon Park – a green oasis in the middle of this hot chaotic city. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv, take a quick visit to the park and breath in the fresh air.

Take a Trip to South Tel Aviv. Rothschild is indeed beautiful to walk down and Neve Tzedek has some lovely shops – but if you want to escape the tourist traps and really get a feel for Tel Aviv, take a trip down to South Tel Aviv. Highlights include a tour around the Central Bus Station, loads of great small art galleries in the Shapira Neighbourhood, some fun chilled local bars in Florentine (one of our favorites is Hoodna), Barby live music bar, the Levinsky Food Market, and some delicious hidden restaurants.

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