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With its labyrinth of alleys, treasure-filled flea market, ancient architecture, and Mediterranean vistas, Jaffa offers ceaseless excitement. Around every corner, hip galleries, quirky boutiques, and trendy cafes seamlessly blend old and new. There are three main areas to explore – the Old City, the Port, and the Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpishim) – and lots of other landmarks (and delicious restaurants) dotted around too.

Jaffa Old City

With its narrow winding cobblestone streets, the Old City is one of the most historic and prettiest parts of Tel Aviv. There is so much to see and get lost it…

Suspended Orange Tree

In Jaffa, there is a fully grown orange tree completely and utterly suspended in mid-air. Why, you might ask? Israeli artist Ran Morin decided to create this structure in 1993 with the purpose of drawing parallels between society’s relationship and nature. The plant itself continues to grow produce, and juicy oranges are known to be home to the beautiful Jaffa environment. Read More

The Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpishim)

Amazing Flea Market during the day, and a lively nightlife spot in the evening, the shuk hapishpishim is always a great place to visit for tourists and locals! The Jaffa Flea Market (known as shuk Hapishpishim) is a must-visit for any shopper or history buff. This sprawling market is a treasure trove of antiques, souvenirs, and other unique items. You never know what you might find! From old jewelry and pottery to vintage clothing and furniture, the Jaffa Flea Market has something for everyone. And with its friendly vendors and bargain prices, you’re sure to find some great deals. The area that surrounds hosts lots of local bars and restaurants with tables outside, that are open late into the night! Read More

Jaffa Port and the House of Containers

Witness the breathtaking Mediterranean sunset while strolling through the cobblestone path along the Jaffa Port. The marine makes for a nice addition to the view, no matter what time of the day. On a hot summer day, you can grab some Golda or Leggenda – depending on your preference wink wink – to elevate the walk’s vibe.

Also add about the new Container House exhibition area and the new Barby.

Read More

The Clock Tower

Nothing says “welcome to Jaffa” more than the signature Clock Tower when you enter the neighborhood. It is always a lively area, with lots of locals and tourists enjoying their time there. It was built in 1901 out of limestone to mark the center of Jaffa’s town square and initiated by Yossef Moial, a jewish businessman. Fun fact: two of the clocks show local Israel time and the other two present the time in Europe. Read More

Gan HaPisga

There are loads of cool things to see in HaPisga Park! For starters, witness the craziest, scenic view of the whole city from Observation Point. At this peak location, The Gate of Faith, made of galilee stone, can be found. The statue represents Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In this park you can also find Ramses II’s Gate Garden, a tranquil area with profound history. Another structure worth visiting in HaPisga Park is the wishing bridge – touch your personal zodiac sign, face the sea and make a wish! And our last recommendation to check out here is Tiroche Amphitheater. Cinema screenings in the summer, concerts and many other events – a very nice outdoor venue, indeed. Read More

Slope Park (Midron Yaffo Park)

This seaside public park is known for the vast and luscious hills that compose it. Here, you may find a public workout space and playgrounds for children. Come and enjoy the views for a charming picnic, refreshing bike ride or just watch the sun go passed the horizon of the Mediterranean. Read More

Ilana Goor Museum

Ilana Goor, Israeli artist, designer and sculptor, founded her very own museum in 1995. This museum remains a gem until this day in the historic area of Jaffa, showcasing thought-provoking art. Be sure to make it all the way to the roof for more sculptures, pieces and one-of-a-kind views. Read More

Magasin III Jaffa

Magasin III is a gorgeous art museum with exhibition spaces for contemporary art by both international and local artists, located in Jaffa. Established by one of Europe’s best modern art museums in Sweden, one can definitely feel the European vibe that Magasin III brings to Tel Aviv. Stay up to date with the many events that take place to see which one you want to catch next! Read More

Bloomfield Stadium

Bloomfield Stadium is home to the Israeli soccer/football (depending where you’re from) teams of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Tel Aviv, and Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv. With a capacity of almost 30,000, this stadium also serves the Israel national football team for some select home matches. Read More






Mediterranean | Rabbi Hanina 3

Onza is the place where a young, vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious restaurant “cocktail”. An innovative bar is combined with a meticulous menu created by chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso that gives Ottoman and Turkish cuisine a contemporary twist, using the finest ingredients and advanced cooking techniques. Read more


Greek | Kikar Kdumim 10

With the most gorgeous Mediterranean sunset view in the whole city, of course it would be a disservice to exclude Kalamata from this guide. Relish in the flavors of Greece! Kalamata emulates the feeling of having traversed the sea there yourself. There aren’t enough good things to relay about the atmosphere created by the Old City of Jaffa. Read More

Silvia Cafe

Cafe | Retzif HaAliya HaShniya St 1

Silvia Cafe is conveniently located by the Old Jaffa Gate. The best place to grab your morning beverage, whether that’s tea, coffee or matcha – we don’t judge – and a sweet bite. Here, you can sit on the high stools that face the entire Tayelet and city skyline. Sunrises and sunsets are just magical here. Read More

Ada Hanina Cafe

Cafe | Rabi Khanina St 9

If you’re looking for a strong blend of specialty coffee, Ada Hanina Cafe is the place to be. With the Jaffa vibes, this micro roastery brings the trendy and artsy energy that people crave. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. Read More

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