Last updated March 13th 2016

What do you think of when you hear the word “Circus”? Well… you better think again.

Two young entrepreneurs are bringing the contemporary circus to Tel-Aviv in a big 600 square meter warehouse – Bascula. Bascula is Tel-Aviv’s first independent performing arts, Music and Circus center, where professional performers can train on daily basis, create, teach and perform.

The space will also offer special program of circus, dance, yoga and other classes to the public, as a fun, effective and challenging way to work out. At night the space will become a unique performance venue which will host music concerts, variety shows, circus shows, dance, theater and more…

It has been a dream of mine for many years”, says circus artist and musician Yuval Oz, who came up with the concept. “After building a circus space in NYC I felt that I want to come back to Israel and develop the circus scene here”. “After a meeting with Gary Gozlan, my business partner and an experienced entrepreneur, I decided he should be the one to builds this place with me”.

“Yuval came to me and told me about the project. He wanted to ask me about a bar license in Tel-Aviv”, says Gary. “I heard him and knew that this is the next thing. For some time I was looking for my next project.  I was looking for something with content. something with a say. and that was it! I immediately offered him to do this project together, I bring my knowledge of nightlife and bars and he brings his vision, content and artistic direction”.

In order to start getting things going, they created an interesting crowdfunding campaign where they offer pre-sale prices for classes, shows, workshops and events.

Take a look there! they offer some really great stuff, and remember – purchasing anything from the campaign will not just give you great value for your money, but also make you a part of making this thing come to life.

Check out their Campaign here and their Facebook Page.