Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends! Carry on reading for tips on where to buy your turkeys and where to gobble up a dinner in Tel Aviv!

Turkeys, Cranberry Sauce, and Canned Pumpkin:

Most of the large supermarkets (with a butcher inside) can order you a Turkey – but get there quickly, it usually takes a few days to arrive! Click here for our Guide to Butchers in Tel Aviv.

Apparently a good bet for canned pumpkin is the Asian shop ‘East West Store’ – with branches in Shuk HaCarmel, Sarona Market, and Ramat HaChayal.

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It’s very difficult to get fresh cranberries now, but most supermarkets stock frozen cranberries.

For those up for a trip to Raanana, Meatland is usually stocked with Cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, and turkeys. You can also check out answers in the Group.

If you don’t fancy cooking this year… Here are some good communal dinners and parties you can join! 

Thursday 28th November 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner and Party @ Mike’s Place

Mike’s Place is hosting our annual Thanksgiving dinner. For 139 shekels you get a traditional 3 course thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins: including your choice of red or white wine.  Service for Thanksgiving dinner begins at 19:00. Please come a little bit early to get seated before service begins. Tables are by reservation only.

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without live NFL action! The games will be screened live After dinner it’s party time! Starting at 22:30 will be a special “holiday edition” rockeoke night

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Thanksgiving Dinner @ Dancing Camel

Back in the Old Country, Thanksgiving was the “perfect storm” of holidays – Football, beer, 50 of your best buds and a gluttonous Turkey dinner. Join us at the Dancing Camel as we roll out the Orange Carpet for those things we miss most about the good ole’ US of A.

• Full House Turkey Dinner – Candied Yams, Cranberry Sauce, Punkin’ Pie, Bubbe’s DeLancey Street Stuffin’ and of course, the juiciest, tenderest turkey this side of the Atlantic.

• Beer, Beer, Beer. And more Beer. Wash all that bird down with a Camel. Lot’s of Camel. We’re talkin’ Unlimited All-you-can drink Camel – Israel’s favorite microbrewed beer.

• 19:30 – Chicago Bear at Detroit Lions
• 23:15 – Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys

Price per Person: 150 Shekels includes everything. Come Hungry. Come Thirsty.

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Thanksgiving Dinner @ The Kerem House

Join us for a Thankgiving night of Turkey, Apple pie and good old American feasting at the Kerem House!

Our community is young and growing and there isn’t a better place to get to know it than a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with great food, great vibes and great people.

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Thanksgiving Dinner 40+ @ NBN

Yes – we can live in Israel and still enjoy a good, traditional Thanksgiving gathering!

TIME: 6:30pm Happy Hour / 7:30pm Dinner

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Friday 23th November 2018

Elegant Thanksgiving Shabbat Turkey Dinner @ TAIS

Join us for our Annual Elegant Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner!

Enjoy a full traditional Thanksgiving feast to include:
** A Thanksgiving Turkey for each table!
** Butternut Squash Soup
** Cranberry Sauce
** Turkey Stuffing
** Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans
** American Apple Pie
** Additional Orange delicacies with sugar, cinnamon and spice!
** Quality Wine, Drinks & L’Chaim’s!

Mincha & Carlebach Shabbat services with the Chazz – 4:30pm followed by Champagne Kiddush and Dinner!

150 NIS – Last Minute Reservations after 27.11 (if seats are avail)

Happy Turkey Shabbat!

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