Last updated March 13th 2016

This week we are welcoming Natasha Gutman from the awesome Tel Aviv Art Studio

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Hey Natasha, welcome! In a few brush strokes can you tell us about yourself?

Art is my Life and my Life is Art !

Of all the things I could or could not say about myself, my passion is engaging with people in the language of creativity. We all have our creative expression and I love engaging with that aspect of myself and everyone else.

Can you add a  bit of colour to why you made aliyah?

I made Aliyah with my husband, Herschel Gutman who is also South African. Hersch came to coach the Israel Cricket Team and since has become a full time wedding and event photographer We were looking for a new adventure in a place we both felt connected to.

I feel connected in a very real way to Israel. The people, the buzz the way Israel is alive really speaks to me. I feel that I have spiritually flourished. It is difficult not having my family around and it causes a split in that I feel my heart is in South Africa but my soul is in Israel.

I have a love hate relationship with Israel but at the end of the day, I love it even when I hate it.


What made you dip your brush in the paint and set up Tel Aviv Art Studio?

Shortly after making Aliyah, I started teaching art to a few people around my dining room table in my apartment. Quite soon after, I had to find a bigger space and that is what lead to me opening the studio.

Tel Aviv Art Studio is focused on facilitating the process of art making to best suit each individual and their creative journey. The focus is on artistic expression in all forms, sometimes the focus is technique, other times on allowing for complete self expression. Our aim is to acknowledge the true artist in everyone. From art lessons and workshops, group or individual art therapy, and art parties, we offer a place for people to create freely. Every artist, whether child or adult, can find their own creative confidence through drawing, painting, and mixed media. We even offer speciality workshops given by guest artists who are experts in their particular areas. At the moment there is a on ongoing photography course by International Photographer Eden Deborah Sinai.

The studio was established about 4 years ago in my apartment in North Tel Aviv and 3 years ago, moved into a private space on Ibn Gvirol. It is an intimate space behind a car park where magic happens in every class, workshop, session or party. At the moment, space is limited to 8/9 people but we hope to extend the space in the future. We offer weekly adult and children’s classes, weekly group art therapy and we update the Facebook Page and Website with any special events and workshops. Please see the website with for a full schedule !

Do you have any tips for Olim wanting to set up their own business?

My biggest tip is to be patient – or as they here here, have some suvlanot! There is a great saying I read a few days ago that sums it all up , ” GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE, BETTER THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO ARE PATIENT AND THE BEST THINGS COMES TO THOSE WHO DONT GIVE UP.” And also contact Mati for free business consulting for Olim! (Mati will also be giving a talk at the Expo)

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And now for the fun bit – some of your personal favourite places (secrets) in Tel aviv.

  • My Mirpesset 😉
  • For Art Supplies, KANVAS in Eilat street. They stretch their own 🙂
  • Rella’s Bootcamp Israel changed my life… seriously.
  • Kuchinate African Refugee Women’s Collective
  • Helinka on Arlozorov – Make the best food EVA!
  • Clothes from Studio Pascha
  • Jaffa Beach on a quiet day and then dinner at Old man and the Sea in Jaffa or Kalamata in the old city!
  • Walking to Tal Baruch on the Tayelet.
  • Picnic in the park with friends.

Thanks a lot Natasha! You can see Natasha in person at this year’s Secret Tel Aviv Olim Expo on 27th and 28th of November 2014 at the Dizengoff Centre – where she will also be giving a free class for those lucky enough to sign up in time!

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