Last updated September 7th 2017

We’ve all thought about it before… jumping out of a plane at over 10,000 feet in the air. If you’re a life-seeker, this is something that you have to try. Kick something off your bucket list, and take the ultimate leap of faith!



Enjoy one of the most amazing views in the world while falling through the sky from over 11,000 feet. See the beautiful blue Mediterranean as it brushes against our country’s sandy shoreline. This place has three different jumps: FreeFall Tandem, Paradive Tandem, and Jet Tandem. Each one takes you to a different height, and offers a unique skydiving experience.

Located in the north, at HaBonim Airfield. Near Highway 2 (Kvish HaHof). 



Love the mysterious allure of Israel’s desert? Well, why not appreciate its beauty from thousands of feet in the air!? This club operates out of Eilat, and prides itself on professionalism. They also offer a sunrise skydive that’s perfect for couples, or anyone who just wants to see something gorgeous. This is truly a one in a lifetime experience.

Located in Eilat, at the International Airport. 


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This club is located smack in the middle of the country. This means that there are a variety of landscapes that you get to see during your adrenaline-filled plummet. It was established by a group of parachutists to promote the sport in Israel. These guys really do it for the love of the experience. Let them show you their world!

Located at the Teiman Airfield near Beer’Sheva. Off of Highway 25. 


Tandem jumps and skydiving courses with breathtaking views of the coast of Acre and the beaches of Achziv. Jump from an altitude of 13,000′ (4 km) with the breath-taking views of the coast of Acre, the beaches of Achziv, the Sea of Galilee and a twinkling of Mount Hermon.

Located in Kibbutz Shomrat, near Acre. 

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