Over the years Secret Tel Aviv has helped thousands of our community members find a job and build a career in Israel. We have several resources to help find your dream job!

1. The Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board

Launched in 2016 and designed specifically for internationals looking for jobs in Israel, the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board is now one of the largest hi-tech jobs boards in Israel. At any time there are at least 1,500 jobs available, categorised into over 50 categories to make searching for jobs even easier. All applications go directly to the recruiting teams – simply apply and sit-back and we will make sure your application goes to the right person. Start apply today!

2. Secret Tel Aviv Weekly Jobs Emails

Every week we send over 50,000 jobs emails to job-seekers based on jobs you’ve previously applied for. We have 10 different jobs emails in total, from marketing to sales, and operations to engineering. To get added to our lists simply apply for job on the board or subscribe manually via this link.

3. Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Whatsapp Groups

Launched in 2023, we now have over 1,000 people receiving updates on new jobs via Whatsapp. We currently have 6 groups – Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Product, Analysts, and part-time jobs. Join the groups here.

4. Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Companies to Work for in Israel

The go-to-guide for internationals looking for top companies in Israel – this guide is updated twice a year to focus on top companies who are recruiting a lot of internationals in Israel. Check out the Guide here.

5. Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Fair

Secret Tel Aviv’s famous Jobs Fair typically take place twice a year. We usually have 700+ job seekers and 20+ top companies, plus top universities and coding schools. Check out the video above to get a feel for the events.

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