When you add summer to the Tel Aviv mix, just about everything gets better – the beach, the cultural scene, the nightlife. So, why not take a page from the non-stop city’s playbook? Tel Aviv University (TAU) offers many programs in English to help you upskill this summer, while potentially gaining academic credit.

A Hot Selection of Summer Programs

Summer in the Start Up Nation

Did you know that TAU ranks #7 in the world for producing the most amount of venture-backed company founders? Maximize your entrepreneurial and business potential through this masterclass, which explores the ins and outs of forming the next great start-up.

Program runs: July 30-August 30, 2023

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Cyber Security

Israel is a leader in cyber security, and this program builds off the country’s decades of cutting-edge knowledge and innovation and examines the latest cyber security systems, like blockchain, cryptology, hash function, crypto-techniques, asymmetric encryption and more.

Program runs: May 31-June 30, 2023

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Middle East & Israel Studies

Want to take a deep dive into the many aspects that make this region so dynamic and complex? Perhaps you’re ready to solve peace in the Middle East? Understand how religion, politics, ethnicities, culture, history, media, economics and more make the Middle East one of the most interesting regions in the world.

Program runs: May 31-June 30, 2023

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Smart Cities

Crowned the smartest city in the world in 2014, Tel Aviv is the perfect place to understand how AI technology and data are already shaping the places we live in. Learn how cities are using smart technologies to tackle some of our greatest global ecological and societal challenges, and explore the ethical questions related to this shift.

Program runs: August 1-August 29, 2023 (online only)

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Food Safety & Security

As climate change continues to intensify and our global population continues to grow, food safety and security continues to be one of the biggest challenges of our time. Israel is a leader in agriculture innovation, and this TAU program provides a broad understanding of the trends and advancements related to our global and local food systems.

Program runs: July 2-July 14, 2023

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Even hotter? Apply for a Summer Scholarship!

TAU offers a number of summer program scholarships. So why not make your summer education experience that much sweeter and apply today?

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All of TAU’s programs and degrees in English, as well as their corresponding scholarships, are offered through The Lowy International School. We always welcome visitors, so join us online or at our office in the Carter building on TAU’s campus.

Tel Aviv University Lowy International School are an official sponsor of Secret Tel Aviv:

Study in Israel in English! Tel Aviv University is one of Israel’s best universities, and its International School offers over 60 programs taught in English. We’ve worked together informally for many years – Tel Aviv University has attended every single one of our Jobs and Education Fairs – and it is a really natural fit to promote this amazing university to our community. On a personal level, many of my friends have studied at Tel Aviv University in both English and Hebrew and have gone on to achieve great success in their careers.

Beyond the popular study abroad and gap programs, TAU offers a wealth of both undergraduate and graduate degrees for English speakers in Israel, including research and post-docs. With nine faculties on campus, here is just a glimpse of what you can study: Archaeology, Conflict Resolution, Liberal Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, and the flagship Global Sofaer MBA program are just a small selection of the programming. There’s also a selection of 4-8 week short-term Summer Courses (May to September).

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