Last updated February 16th 2020

Keren Arazi is one of Israel’s top recruiters! She currently heads up recruitment at StoreMaven, having previously worked at Payoneer. She has recruited hundreds of internationals in Israel over the years, and has attended every single one of Secret Tel Aviv’s Jobs Fairs. Here are her tips on how to kill it at the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Fair!




Many of the people representing their companies are involved in making hiring decisions. If you come and say you “would love to hear more”, you’re already showing you haven’t done your homework. Read up before, know which jobs you’re interested in AND if you meet the requirements. Use the time you have with us to understand if your background is relevant by preparing a short elevator pitch about your experience, skills and interests.

You can read more about all the participating companies in Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Companies to Work For in Israel!


I hate paper waste, but if you sound interesting and we’re speaking about your career history, having something to look at and possibly take notes on is really helpful. Having your CV also also makes it easier for us to follow up, and ensures it won’t get lost in the massive amount of email submissions we receive daily. That being said, I also encourage you to check out all the open jobs available before the event, and start applying now to give all the companies a heads up!

You can see and start applying to all 200 available positions in Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the 200 Reasons to Attend the Jobs Fair!


If you think that an attending company could be a good fit, come early and try to snag a one-on-one conversation with a representative. We’re most likely to have a good conversation early in the day, before we’ve spoken to hundreds of job seekers.

Keren Arazi is the Head of HR at StoreMaven, a fast-growing, kick-ass Tel Aviv-based start-up whose close-knit culture is a magnet for creative, super smart, overachiever-y types. Check out their Secret Tel Aviv profile by clicking here.

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