#1 – The Late, Late Show

“Sure I’d love to meet. I work really late most nights, how about a chill night in?”

#2: The Bar Phobic Guy

“I’d love to meet for a drink. At my apartment. On my balcony. At midnight.”

#3 I can’t wait to see you!

“I am working till 19.30, then I go to the gym for 2 hours, then I go home and shower and eat, so does 22.30 – 23.00 sound good?”

#4 Captain Spontani

“When to meet? Emmm… I dunno. Weekend I guess? Let’s just chat on Friday?”

#5 The Switch Hitter

Describes a uniquely Tel Avivian phenomenon, that results from the vast disparity between the number of men and women who go out. Every club and bar in this city has a 7-1 guy to girl ratio, which tilts the already skewed female power hierarchy so far in the women’s favour, that many men are unable to find a suitor and inevitably end up hooking up with other men.

 #6 The Ghoster/Mass Texter

“- Hey what’s up? Want to meet up later?”
“- Sure I am free tonight, 8pm?”
“- (no answer)”

#7 The Keen Kid

Date number 5 at their parents for Shabbat dinner.

#8 Looking for a (sex) relationship

Says they are looking for a relationship, but one where they can have lots of sex…cause they jus have needs, you know?

#9 guy be like: do you know any cool place to go?

“Tell me something interesting. Entertain me whole evening!”

#10: the 30-year-old man with the sexual maturity of a teenager

His idea of foreplay is grabbing your arse, dry-humping you until your tailbone bruises then yelling ‘Why can’t we have sex?!’ when you, understandably, don’t respond to his advances, so goes to bed in a huff, leaving you to see yourself out.

#11 The Massage Guy

“I give you a nice massage before….I mean why not.”

Thank you everyone for your contributions! Rich Jenkins (#1, #4, and #7), Natalie Blenford (#2), Nathalie Rijlant (#3), Rory Rosen (#5), Jora Liora Lisette Verbeke (#6), Amy Albertson (#8), Anna Deer (#9), Sophie Nisbett (#10), Annette Hidber (#11). Check out the original Facebook post here.

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