Finding a good butcher in Tel Aviv needn’t be difficult anymore! We asked our community where are the best places to find great meat in Tel Aviv, keep scrolling down for the favorites. Click here to check out how the voting went.

1. Shuk HaCarmel

HaCarmel Street | Central Tel Aviv

“I’ve got a Shuk guy who hooks me up”.  A walk around the Shuk will reveal tens of different butchers, especially on Yom Tov street.

2. Marinado

Sarona Market and Kikar Hamedina

Fresh high quality meat from the Golan Heights.

3. Meat Market

Yom Tov 3 | Shuk HaCarmel


Awesome red meat only butcher in the Shuk.

4. B’Shara

Yefet 180 | Jaffa

The chain of meat houses in B’Shara has been specializing in fresh and quality meat for more than 100 years. Over the years, the chain has gained expertise in veal, lamb and chicken.

5. Abu Hilweh

Sderot Yerushalaim 95 and Yefet 142 | Jaffa  

Pleasant, clean butcher with a large variety of the finest meats; from their hamburgers to their kebabs made on the spot and their mouth-watering, succulent entrecote.

6. Hinnawi (Wine&More) Carlebach

Carlebach 25 | Central Tel Aviv

Excellent meat and chicken butcher (+wine shop). The meat is kosher but no certificate.

7. Le Boucher

Sarona Market | Central Tel Aviv | Kosher

Friendly and clean Kosher boutique butcher in Sarona Market.

8. Mercato 

Basel 31 | North Tel Aviv

Artisan meat, sausage, cheese and wines shop in Basel Square.

9. La Boucherie Francaise

Bograshov 26 | Central Tel Aviv

French Butcher with a great assortment of meats in Central Tel Aviv.

Other great butchers in Tel Aviv:

The Supermarkets:

  • Super Bareket – Several branches across Tel Aviv with clean butchers.
  • Mega – Some of the branches have butchers with kosher meat, for example the Dizengoff Centre.
  • Shufresol – Most of the Shufresol Sheli branches have kosher butchers.
  • Tiv Tam – Most Tiv Tams have a butcher.
  • Super Baba/ Super Yuda – Some have butchers, for example Ibn Gvirol.

Find your closest butcher! 

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