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Jaffa (also spelled Yafo) is famous for it’s beautiful port, delicious burekas and hipster boutiques, but it’s also home for many great and very unique restaurants and bars. Here are some of our favorites…

Best Restaurants in Jaffa

Abu Hassan

Hummus | HaDolphin Street 1 | $

Voted the Best Hummus in Tel Aviv by over 130 people! So many good opinions can’t be wrong, this place has been a favorite for years. Read more.

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The Old Man and the Sea

Fish | Hangar 1, Jaffa Port and Kedem Street 85 | $$

The Old Man and the Sea’s menu includes a selection of fresh salads, unique second and main courses and great fish, seafood and meats. The Old Man and the Sea’s special deal includes 18 different kinds of salads, warm oven baked pita breads, a lemonade jug, main course (fish / seafood / meat), and coffee or tea. Read more.


Mediterranean | Rabbi Yohanan Street 8 | $$

Another good Jaffa restaurant, Puaa serves lots of mediterranean and Israeli food – all fresh, all delicious. The Liver Masala is my favorite dish in Tel Aviv. Read more.

Pundak Deluxe

Street Food | Olei Zion 7 | $$

Great meat restaurant in Jaffa flea-market. They have delicious Southern-US style smoked meat – their combo plates are great for 2 – strong cocktails, and a cool outdoor vibe. Also check out their sister restaurant Truck De Luxe in Dizengoff Square. Read more.

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Italian food | Tirtsa Street 2 | $$$

Italian fine dining in an beautiful space, with classy decor, high ceilings and dishes that are made for you to remember! Read more.

Itzik HaGadol

Meat | David Razi’el St 3 | $$$

Typical Israeli barbecue. The meat is excellent, and they fill the table up with almost a hundred delicious little salads. If you are entertaining guests from out of town, this will definitely give a wow-factor! Read more.


Asian | Louis Pasteur 7 | $$$

Asian restaurant and sushi bar with much more than just rolls, they have a great pad thai and fusion dishes, as well as good cocktails in a great location in Jaffa. Read more.

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Mediterranean | Rabbi Hanina 3 | $$$

Onza is the place where a young, vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious restaurant “cocktail”. An innovative bar is combined with a meticulous menu created by chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso that gives Ottoman and Turkish cuisine a contemporary twist, using the finest ingredients and advanced cooking techniques. Read more

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Best Bars in Jaffa


Nakhman St 2

Located in Jaffa’s Flea market, Shaffa offers a low-key vibe with live music, classic eats and handcrafted cocktails. Nothing fancy here, but the atmosphere is priceless. Read more.

Anna Loulou

HaPninim 2

Anna Loulou is a cool underground bar hidden away in Jaffa. Like most bars in Tel Aviv, they have lots of owners – what makes them different are some are Jews, some are Arab, some are straight, some are gay – everyone just wants to have fun and enjoy awesome music! When you enter you are hit in the face with the beautiful smell of smoke and people dancing on the cosy dance-floor, towards the back there is a small area to sit and chill with friends. Read more.

The Container

Jaffa Port

Cool bar and restaurant in Jaffa Port, they are one of the coolest music venues in Tel Aviv, with loads of great concerts – from up and coming artists to icons of the local music scene. When it’s busy the music and the people overflow into the port. Read more.

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