Last updated June 23rd 2017

Looking for a Chinese fix?! Here’s our guide to the best Chinese restaurants in Tel Aviv…

Written by Jonny Stark and Bam Miller.

Xing Long 

Shalma 134 | Website | DELIVERY

xing long

Similar to the Chinese restaurants you find in the US, this is Secret Tel Aviv’s favourite Chinese restaurant! It is famous for its excellent Chinese delivery, huge business lunch, great customer service, cheap prices, and delicious Duck in Orange Sauce… and if you are near the tachana merkazit it’s a fun place to eat in – but don’t expect an upscale dining experience.

Word from the Group:

  • “Sing long, cheap and great!”
  • “Xing Long! Best business lunch.”
  • “Xing Long has always had great service whenever i’ve ordered from them. probably the nicest people to order food from in tel aviv!”
  • “Sing Long, Salme 134. Near central bus station. Nice ‘garden’ patio in back. Just across the street from The Block, so nice dinner and dance combo.”

Peking Duck House

Bograshov 34 | Website | DELIVERY

Peking Duck

If you are from the UK, Peking Duck will make you feel at home. Peking Duck is the newest addition to the Chinese restaurant scene in Tel Aviv – and it is an awesome addition. It’s centrally located on Bograshov, the portions are large and tasty (finally a restaurant where rice is included rather than an extra), the meat is good quality, it’s clean and pleasant to sit in, and they have a delivery service. We recommend trying the Peking Duck on the Bone with hoisin sauce, and they have a great sweet and sour chicken. One downside – no duck pancakes!

China Court

Sholem Aleichem 14 | Website

China Court

China Court is most famous for its duck pancakes! Its menu has all the classics and the prices are decent – a main costs 50-60 NIS. It’s centrally located (near the corner of Ben Yehuda and Allenby) and it is pleasant to sit in.

From the Group:

  • “So, guys, what can I say. I ate duck today in the evening at China Court. It was very, very, very tasty!!!”
  • “China Court more upscale, Xing Long casual and decent.”
  • “try china court – the place most Chinese go to, including Chinese diplomats”

HaYam HaSini

Shenkar Street 3 | 03-510-7823

Another one that gets more good reviews than bad reviews in the group – and a reputation for being the most authentic Chinese in Tel Aviv. Two tips that keep recurring are there are two menus, one for Chinese and one for non-Chinese, and they have a traditional hot pot if you order in advance. HaYam Hasini is located just between the David Intercontinental and Hatachana.

From the Group:

  • “Hayam Hasini is still going strong, one of the better Chinese style establishments – they have two different menus for Chinese and non-Chinese. wink emoticon.”
  • “Take a bunch of friends to “Ha’yam Hasini” behind Neve Tzedek for a hot pot meal (call in advance) – They have a western Chinese and real Chinese menus”
  • “Best Chinese place I’ve been to is Hayam Hasini – Made me feel like I was back in China. They’ve got some Americanized-Chinese food too, if thats your thing.”

The Chinese Wall

Mikveh Israel 26 | Website | KOSHER

Tel Aviv’s best kosher Chinese restaurant. It looks great from the outside, and tastes great inside. Dishes are between 50-60 NIS, and they have good combination meals for 150 NIS.

From the group:

  • “The Chinese Wall, kosher and delicious.”
  • “The Chinese Wall on Mikve Yisrael. The ambiance is modest, but the food is delicious and plentiful.”

Long Seng

Allenby 13 | 03-516-3769

Long Seng is the longest running Chinese restaurant in Tel Aviv. It is so old they don’t even have a website… you are going to have to go there yourself to check it out. We have seen mixed reviews in the group, here are some positive ones…

Word from the Group:

  • “Long Sang on Allenby. Not even a question. Good, clean, delicious, authentic, cheap Chinese food.”
  • “They’re very good and also have a separate menu in Chinese.”
  • “The best Chinese: Long Seng on Allenby 15, ask for the black menu.”

The Red Chinese

Dizengoff 326 | Website

Despite the name, Red Chinese also serve Thai and Japanese food – personally I am not a huge fan of restaurants that offer lots of different food types. That being said, this is still a convenient choice for people living in northern Tel Aviv.

FuRama Dim Sum

Ben Yehuda St 7 | Website


The chef came to Israel from China and since has blessed Tel Aviv with his authentic and beautiful Chinese food and dim sum specialities, all handmade with natural ingredients. With an expansive menu, from fried, to roasted, rice paper to bamboo leaves, to boiled and sweet dim sum, you can’t really go wrong. And if you have room, try the ramen noodles. With simpler décor, the focus really is on the quality of the food and is somewhere to keep both your tummy and your wallet happy. Don’t delay; get your dim sum today!

Word from the Group:

  • “As an Asian – I nominate FuRama for best hong kong style dumplings…” 

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