Last updated May 25th 2017

Burning Man’s Israeli offshoot, and now the second largest regional Burning Man after Africa Burns, Midburn is a special 5-day festival held in the Negev. Founded in 2014, 2016 saw a record 8,000 people attend. This is not a music festival – there are no official stages – it is more of an art, self expression and community festival where camps host parties – and in the center of the playa are incredible art displays and a huge temple that is burned on the final night. (Photo credits: Midburn)

Self Reliance and Self Expression are key components – be yourself, be inclusive, and be self-dependent – the only thing you can buy on the playa is ice.

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The festival will be full of amazing events and parties, here is a list of this year’s highlights:

Pre Midburn Sale

Friday May 26th at Sputnik Bar

Last stop before Midburn, a sale which has everything needed to be the most shiny and beautiful.


Tuesday May 30th

Fill the playa with your Tutu!

Monkeys and Bananas Parade

Tuesday May 30th – Camp Monkey and Monkey Town

Monkeys against bananas parade! Bring your monkeys costumes!

Sparkle Cookies Party

Tuesday May 30th – The Cookie Kingdom and Sparkle Unicorn Camps

The Cookie Kingdom and Sparkle Unicorn camps combine forces for an electrified desert party with Tubi and cookies!

Sunrise Kingdom Birthday Party

Wednesday May 31st – Sunrise Kingdom

Camp Sunrise Kingdom is celebrating the birthday of some members in a huge party at their camp!

BurneRunway Show

Wednesday May 31st

Come and celebrate the existence in a colorful fashion show and be guided by a monkey!  You do not need anything, just bring yourself, how you are. With a crazy outfit, jeans and a tank top. 

MexiPatzPatz Party

Thursday June 1st – The Cookie Kingdom Camp

Camp The Cookie Kingdom is organizing a Mexican theme party in the dark, remember to bring your Mexican sombreros and mustaches!


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