Burning Man’s Israeli offshoot, and now the second largest regional Burning Man after Africa Burns, Midburn is a special 5-day festival held in the Negev. Founded in 2014, 2015 saw a record 8,000 people attend.

This is not a music festival – there are no official stages – but camps host parties – and in the center of the playa are incredible art displays and a huge temple that is burned on the final night.

Self Expression is one of the Ten Principles – release your inner child. Here’s a list of all 10 Principles.

Here is a list of some of the 2016 highlights on the Playa:

And remember to bring a cup! There are no paper or plastic throwaway cups on the Playa.

Thursday – David Bowie Party @ PZPZ Camp


Thursday and Saturday – Poyke Party @ Poyke Camp


Friday – Free Safta Parade, starting from the Rest in Peace Camp. Bring a walker, an umbrella, dress like your grandma would.


Friday – Hippies Attack the Shithole Camp


Saturday – Shabatutu – Saturday’s uniforms on the Playa are tutu skirts.


Saturday – White Night – Let’s spread the light all over the playa in the coolest white outfits.


Thursday Night, Friday Night, Saturday Night – Bling Beach Pirate Parties – House and Trance


Non-Stop Music – Rabbits in the Sand – Deep Playa, just follow the beat.


Tickets have been sold out for months, but sometimes people exchange in the Midburn ticket exchange group.

Check out the Midburn website.