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One of the biggest problems we have witnessed for Olim when they arrive in Israel is finding jobs in their correct industry. I witnessed this first hand with a very good friend – she had a degree from a top Brazilian university in Graphic Design,  but could not find any jobs in this field in Israel and ended up working in a call centre.

Gvahim is an organisation designed to help Olim Chadishim who have a professional qualification or strong work experience from another country find a job in their field.

They offer three great programs:

  1. The Career Development Program
  2. The Hive Accelerator
  3. The Professional Internship Program

1. The Career Program

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Gvahim`s Career Development Program offers highly-skilled Olim with the tools, guidance and community to find a first quality position in Israel, at the level of their qualifications, experience and career goals. More than 85% of our Alumni are employed in quality positions by the end of their program.

The Career Program Includes:

Group workshops 

  • Presentation & Interview Skills
  • Salary & Contract Negotiations
  • Repackaging for the Israeli Market

One-on- one HR Career Consultations

  • CV adapted to the Israeli Market
  • CV translation to Hebrew
  • Develop a job search strategy including defining the types of positions and companies you want to target
  • Mentoring with Israeli Professionals

Active job placement in the Israeli market 

  • Placement in top quality Israeli companies
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Connect Olim with Israeli professionals

The cost of the course is 700 shekels. The course lasts one month, and participants meet every Sunday.

To apply or learn more, click here.

2. The Hive Accelerator

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TheHive by Gvahim is the international startup accelerator which operates two programs in Tel-Aviv and Ashdod, providing entrepreneurs, immigrants and returning citizens, with tools and mentoring to create and develop their startup in Israel.

The Benefits of the Accelerator include:

  • A multinational entrepreneurial environment – Olim, returning citizens and Israeli entrepreneurs work hand in hand in the shared working space. This mix of talents from around the world makes our accelerator a truly international place with lots of fresh ideas on a daily basis.
  • Top-tier mentors, experts and investors – Our network of mentors and experts help us give you the best support we have for your business. Our job is to make you a part of the startup ecosystem by providing you with numerous networking possibilities.
  • A non-profit, independent organization – We are committed to doing what’s best for your business. The only partnerships we consider are the ones who are beneficial for you.
  • No Equity taken – We do not invest in startups and we do not take equity. You have 100% control over your venture, and we are there to help and support you as much as you need.

The 6-month Start-up accelerator program includes:

  • Participation in the Google Launchpad, a one-week bootcamp at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv
  • Access to capital: Connections to top investment firms, VCs and angels
  • Top-tier mentors
  • Office space in a creative co-working space in its two centers: Tel Aviv University and Ashdod (overlooking the beach)
  • Training, networking and office hours with experts

To learn more, click here.

3. The Professional Internship Program

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The Program

Gvahim’s Internship Program is a five month program, intended for graduates and academic students that are seeking a professional and quality internship in Israel. Interns are required to work at least 20 hours per week. The internship program dress code is business casual.

The Gvahim internship leverages the success of Gvahim’s two other projects to be able to offer unique placements. Participants in the program also get exclusive access to networking events and activities offered by Gvahim’s larger community. Gvahim encourages its participants to live like other young professionals in Israel. We do not supply accommodation and therefore our participates have the opportunity to live an independent and multi-cultural experience.

Due to our partnership with Masa participants accepted to the program will have access to certain benefits

  • Ulpan (Hebrew) classes
  • Cultural events, excursions and visits to some of Israel’s best spot
  • Professional skills development and corporate visits
  • Visa, personal and professional supervision

To apply or learn more, click here.

And what of my friend? She is living proof that the right jobs are out there – and you can find them with a bit of effort and confidence. She is now an Art Director at an independent Israeli Graphic Design Studio, working on campaigns for leading Israeli retail companies. And in her spare time she is the Head of Design here at Secret Tel Aviv!

On the 7th April 2015 Gvahim were featured in Forbes. Here is the article.