Name another city in the world with four dedicated dog beaches and over 50 dogs parks? This is one of the reasons we love Tel Aviv so much! Scroll down for our favorite Dog Parks and Beaches in Tel Aviv.


Hilton Beach – North Tel Aviv – between The Religious Beach and the Hilton Beach (Top Sea and Gay Beach) – lovely sliver of beach where dogs are allowed to play.

South of Tel Baruch Beach – North Tel Aviv – Near Sde Dov airport.

Alma Beach (Charles Clore Beach) South Tel Aviv – Another lovely sliver of beach where dogs are allowed to play.

South of Givat Aliyah BeachJaffa – Beautiful and quiet beach where you can take your dog.


Spiegel ParkNorth Tel Aviv – one the hill just south of the Hilton Hotel is Spiegel Park, a common area for owners to take their dogs and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea.

Hayarkon Park North Tel Aviv – just near Bnei Dan 4 on the south side of Park Hayarkon is a large dog play area. There are also two other dog areas in the Park.

Gan Meir – Central Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv’s premier dog park, with a walled off area and ramps for dogs to play with.

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