Adopting a rescued animal is one of the greatest feelings there is, the little ones feel grateful and their way of saying thank you is with their unconditional love, if you are thinking on having a pet, you should consider adopting first! Here is a list of our favorite groups and shelters to adopt in Tel Aviv.

Adoption Shelters in Tel Aviv

The Adoption Fair by Gan Meir – every Friday during the day – Have you ever wondered why there are people gathered around King George outside Gan Meir on a Friday? It is because loads of the shelters are bring their dogs for adoption.

Animal Rescue Team – Tel Aviv – English group of over 1,500 people which you can join and see posts about cute animals that were either found or abandoned by their families. More info

Let the Animals Live, Israel – The largest non-profit, no-kill Animal Welfare and Protection Organization in Israel in English (founded in 1986). They share posts of rescued animals that you can adopt or help out with donations. More info

The Tel Aviv Municipality Dog Shelter – Based at Shai Agnon 1 (corner with north Ibn Gvirol). They are always looking for volunteers, they run a large Facebook page with lots of posts of animals looking for a loving home, plus they and run ocasional adoption days. More info

SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals) – A very active organization for dog and cat adoption, with a center in Tel Aviv (Herzl 159). They run shelters, a Facebook page and an up-to-date website with many adoption posts, adoption days and volunteer programs. More info

S.O.S. Pets Association – Has been running since 1978 and have helped over 80,000 dogs and cats find new homes over the years. They run an active website, a Facebook page with tons of posts of cute puppies and kittens looking for a home, volunteering programs and adoption days. More info

Friends4Life (Chaverim LaHaim) – Huge association that run a website, a Facebook page with over 20,000 likes, volunteering programs, and adoption days at Gan Meir on Fridays. More info

The Dogs for Olim Facebook Group – Closed Facebook group with tons of posts of dogs looking for loving homes, run in English by Olim. More info

Find your closest adoption shelter! 

Now that you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time for some pampering, check out our Everything Pets in Tel Aviv page for the best vets, dog washes, pet shops and even dog beaches! Click here to go to the page.

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