Top 5 Gvahim Tips for Writing Your Resume in Israel

HR professionals spend an average of 30 seconds reading a CV. Here are five tips to make sure your resume gets noticed!

Do’s & Don’ts for writing your CV in Israel

1. Do make you resume short – if you have less than 10 years of work experience it should be one page long. Show how your work experience brings value to the organization you’re applying for.

2. Don’t use generic statements such as “I am a versatile manager”. Companies want to see that your CV matches what they have described in their job ad.

3. Do use appropriate key word/ buzz words for your profession. Large companies use search engines that automatically filter the CV’s as a first screening step. So having the key works they used in the job ad is essential.

4. Don’t make your resume too cluttered. Make it clear and concise. If your resume is well organized with enough white space to read your titles, degrees, and work experience, it will make it easier for recruiters to select YOU.

5. Do summarize your achievements listing results: “I brought in 100 new clients and increased revenue by 10%”. Israelis are results oriented, and want to see a clear case of how you can add value to their organization.

Gvahim are an awesome organisation who help Olim Chadashim integrate into the Israeli workforce. If you have good qualifications and experience from outside Israel, or if you are looking for an internship, be sure to check out Gvahim.

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