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Do you need to move funds from your foreign bank account to your Israeli bank account?

Typically banks will charge you 3-4% to transfer and exchange money from abroad. Even if they tell you there are no commissions, the exchange rate they use will be much worse than the market average.

Secret Tel Aviv has partnered with CurrencyTransfer.com to help members reduce these fees – typically saving 85% in the hidden bank and broker conversion fees.

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CurrencyTransfer.com – the world’s fastest growing foreign exchange marketplace – was founded in 2014 by Oleh Chadash Daniel Abrahams. They work with FCA Authorized brokers so that when you submit a request you get live quotes with full transparency real-time. No hidden charges, 100% transparency. You can read more about Daniel and CurrencyTransfer.com in our exclusive Secret Tel Aviv interview.

For more info, and to apply for a live quote, click here.

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