Last updated April 4th 2017


With rough bass, endless loops and piercing lyrics that channel through cracked vocals, Tel Aviv based musician Asaf Eden, AKA Ryskinder, creates a new, refreshing sound in the Israeli music scene. “There is a moment where the lyrics meet the beat that breaks reality apart” he explains, “and rebuilds it in a new way”.

Asaf released his first album as Ryskinder at the age of 22 in Jerusalem, his home town. It was handed out for free alongside his friend’s independent satirical zine and contained mostly instrumental tracks that the musician made on the computer in his room.

Now, a few years later, Asaf’s music reaches a large audiences through social media and live gigs in Israel and abroad. His latest album Something Else Had Happened (rough translation) was released with NaNa Disc. Be sure to check Ryskinder out live at Levontin 7 on the 30th of March. Written by Yali Barkan.


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