Are you planning a trip to Israel? Whether it’s to chill out on the beautiful beaches, do some sightseeing, visit the special Jerusalem, hang out with friends and family, go to a wedding, or do some work – we have you covered!

Sleeping – Your first step is to find somewhere to sleep. Check out our Guides to the Best Hotels, Boutique Hotels, and Hostels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and the Dead Sea. Check out our guides on Best Hotels by city and by type! You can also book hotels directly in Israel and around the world through Secret Tel Aviv’s Platform. Read more

Tours – Make the most of your trip by booking some Awesome Tours! To make life easier, we made guides for the best tours in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Petra, Dead Sea, North Israel and Christian tours from two of Israel’s largest tour companies: Abraham Tours and iBookIsrael. We have something for everyone, from classic city tours to bicycle tours, culinary tours, and more! Read more

    Events – You might also want to book some cool concerts, shows, and music festivals for your stay here… Check out the Secret Tel Aviv Events page to see if there are any good events going on whilst you are here, there is something for everyone in this city, from cultural highlights to cool concerts and parties, so you’ll be hard pressed not to find any cool events going on! Read more

    Table Booking at Tel Aviv’s Top Clubs – We know how booking tables at Tel Aviv’s top clubs can be a pain-in-the-ass – this is why we want you to let the Secret Tel Aviv team help you out, we have connections at most of Tel Aviv’s top clubs. Let us know what you are looking for on our Table Booking form and we will do the work for you. Book your table here

    Restaurants and Bars – If you are a foodie like us, planning where you are going to eat and party is very important. Check out our guides for the Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tel Aviv, from the Best Breakfast and Best Burgers in Tel Aviv, to the Best Summer Clubs and Best Cocktail Bars, we have guides on the top restaurants and bars for every taste! Read more

    Top things to do – Looking for activities to fill your days? As well as amazing restaurants, there are also great Museums, Galleries, WorkshopsClasses, Shops, Escape Rooms and many more cool things to do in Tel Aviv. We’ve put together many lists on Tel Aviv’s top attractions in our Secret Tel Aviv Top Things to Do Page, check it out. Read more

    Beaches – No trip to Tel Aviv is complete without a trip to the beach. There is a huge range of beaches in Tel Aviv, from the tourist beaches like the Hilton, Gordon and Frishman beaches to the chilled local beaches in South Tel Aviv… and for the adventurous, Israel has many beautiful secluded beaches along its coast. Check out our guide on Israel’s Best Beaches to find you perfect match. Read more

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