Wed 16 October 2019 - Sat 19 October 2019 | 4:00 pm
Nahal Shittim - Hadarom, Hadarom,

Welcome to the event of Zorba the Buddha Fest✹
Adventure in Being

Autumn (in the Isreali desert it’s like spring!)- October 16-19 2019✹

Zorba the Buddha festival dedicated to Zorba – the pleasure and the big celebration of life; and also dedicated to Buddha – to the journey inward, meditation, and retreating into the desert.

Hundreds of hearts gathering together in order to be moved, to open up and expand a little more. Hundreds of souls coming together to celebrate life through meditation, dance and encounter.

Desert Ashram is honored and excited to host this unique gathering.

Adventure really has nothing to do with plans and maps and programs and organization. An adventure is a quality that can come to us anywhere – at home, or in the office, in the wilderness or in the city, in a creative project or in our relationships with others.

Whenever we move into the new and unknown with the trusting spirit of a child, innocent and open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can become the greatest adventures.

Everything really does work out in perfect Divine Order, even if it is not what we had in mind
Life is an adventure, a moment by moment experience to be seen and heard and felt and tasted with every cell of our being.

Know that even though nothing seems certain, that everything will turn out exactly as it must. There will be ups and downs. There will be pleasure and pain. There will be numbness and searing reality. These are all gifts of the physical realm.
Embrace your adventure!

four days of a great variety of workshops, live music concerts, beautiful people and the vast desert around, you will have no other option rather than to simply surrender to the endless beauty around you, to meet your true nature which is endless silence and bliss. Yes, when we are courageous enough to free our mind- the magic reveals itself.

Come as you are
We’re exited for you at our home in the desert ♥

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