Wed 19 October 2016 - Sat 22 October 2016 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
xDesert Ashram - Desert Ashram, Shitim, 439

Namaste and Welcome to Zorba the Buddha Festival – Sukkot 2016!

It’s the 28 time that Zorba the Buddha Festival is happening in the Desert Ashram. This is a festival where all the edges meet- the great celebration of life, dancing, movement, music, deep yoga, the spirit of meditation and the silence of the desert. Between total ecstasy and therapy, that is where the magic happens. Healing and meeting with amazing people, open hearted encounters, connecting with oneself and with nature.

In four days of a great variety of workshops, live music concerts, beautiful people and the vast desert around, you will have no other option rather than to simply surrender to the endless beauty around you, to meet your true nature which is endless silence and bliss. Yes, when we are courageous enough to free our mind- the magic reveals itself.
We are producing this amazing gift for you, the festival of your life. Let it take you to the unknown.
Zorba the Buddha Festival, Sukkot 2016, is going to make you fly high- hold tight, we are about to take off!

Zorba the Buddha festival is a celebration of the complete being. Osho, the teacher who defined the term Zorba the Buddha, determined that the new human being is one who knows how to go deep into meditation, but does not forget about celebrating life, and the joy within it. It is this combination that makes him a whole human being, a new one, with a message. We decided to take that idea and turn it into a festival.

Now, imagine an open, wild desert landscape and a green magical oasis in its heart. Imagine a place where everything is possible: you can go to a deep mediation inside the outside of the desert, to give in to a live-trance dance, you can get inside a breathing workshop, discover how it is to get inside someone else’s skin in theater workshop, or shake your body to the sounds of high-quality live concert. And if suddenly what you crave for is tea and home-made cake or cookie, there is an open seat for you in the colorful chai-shop. There is also a variety of treatments you can choose from in the therapy area if relaxing your body is what you wish for.

Due to the experience of the past festivals, the amount of tickets is limited! We will not sale tickets at the festival gate!
The entrance to the festival is from the age of 21 only!

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