Sat 17 March 2018 | 1:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Rabad 34 - Rabad 34, Tel Aviv ,

Hello! Party!
The Zvika team are raising a recruitment party, again.
We did it a year ago and now it happens, again!
A day party on an amazing and fun roof with smiles, sun, dancing; Cartes, Sofas and Bella Bella Blue :)) – and most importantly:
אלכוהול alcohol free! ♦ ★ ★
★ כ unlimited alcohol! ★ ☻ ♥
That is, only beer, and only if you purchased entry to the event. So bring a glass, such a time-consuming. Oh, and the beer is homely, so she does not have a name, but be sure she’s better than Goldstar.
For the Irish drinkers among you, the date (17/3) is also St St. Patrick’s Day – – We did not plan it that way, I swear it.
Also, Zvika.

There will be too many DJs, and even more potted plants with unidentified varieties of lettuce.

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